About me

Have you ever looked for a blog that meets all your home needs? Ranging from home improvement to family demands? Well, look no further as you my reader have finally reached your destination. I am Emily Mills, a married woman who resides in Darlinghurst, Sydney. I started off as a professional singer for music was one of my interests while growing up. My music career did take off and I even joined a major Australian Band as lead backup singer. Hence my love for music. I have also performed with many leading acts as a singer and pianist. Following marriage to my lovely husband, my interests took a great turn and I now enjoy being a housewife above everything else. The experience by far has been most amazing and I started a blog in a bid to share my ideas and thoughts with as many people as I can. I still manage to keep my music spark alive by playing piano and singing every now and then.

As my reader, I seek to walk with you through my journey into home improvement. A journey by the way that started a few years back. I began by visiting other blog sites just trying to get a road map of how to do this. I must admit it was a rocky start not knowing exactly who my audience was and what information to put out there. In fact, I would frequently ask my friends to edit my drafts before posting them. Anyway, that is all in the past and now I have dusted off my cobwebs as well as goosebumps off my writing. My blogs are very informative and personal as they are an extension of my life. Every week I post something new and exciting.

Also, I keep it interactive so you the reader feels welcome in terms of your opinion and ideas. So far, the feedback has been great and this has motivated me to keep going. Thank you all.

The Down Town Music Girl.